Monday, June 25, 2007

Tea for Three

The Pohick family has traveled to the land of South Mysteria where Jake is hoping to procure employment as the reigning monarch. While Jake was out interviewing for the position, Molly, Yellow Hair and Scribbles took the opportunity to tour the Kingdom and sample some of the local fare. They were quite pleased to find many delightful indulgences. Here's keeping our fingers crossed that Jake is able to land the job.

Friday, June 22, 2007


Please sir, may I have some more? So, now that the Pohick family has been ousted from their castle they are temporarily staying at St. Mungo's Home for deposed royalty. It's not quite up to the standard that the Pohicks have grown accustomed to, but at least they have a roof over their heads and a hot meal in their stomaches. Today the fare was something called macaroni and cheese. It's not exactly Lobster and Saffron Lasagna in truffle sauce, but the entire family agreed that it was quite an interesting and exotic dish.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

King Deposed

It is a very sad day. Jake was deposed as the King of Pohick today which is royal talk for being fired. Apparently there was some allegations of not properly keeping his subjects informed (He didn't blog often enough). The royal coachmen arrived almost immediately and began to remove the Pohick Family's personal possessions from the castle. Jake immediately began searching through the want ads looking for a new gig. You would be surprised to learn this, but there really aren't that many openings for Kings in the classified ads. Jake consulted a few experts and they told him that updating ones resume and networking are the two most important factors in finding new employment. So if there is anyone reading this who knows of a Kingdom in search of a new monarch, please let us know.