Sunday, September 30, 2007

Hiking at Monte Sano State Park

Given the perfect weather today, the Pohick gang just had to get out of the house. They headed to Monte Sano State Park for a little hiking. The overlook in this picture is just one of many that the group stopped at to admire the great outdoor scenery. Who took this picture did you ask? Jake took the picture. Actually, he set the camera for the maximum delay of 10 seconds and ran as fast as his little legs would carry him. He jumped into the picture just in the nick of time. He briefly considered taking another picture just to make sure, but as winded as he was, he just didn't think he could do it. Luckily this picture came out just fine so a do-over wasn't necessary.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Lean on Me

Sometimes we all need someone to lean on.

Getting Every Last Drop Out Of The Summer

Alas, the end of summer 2007 is almost upon us. It is the middle of September and the girls have been back at school for several weeks now.

The Pohicks spent a good deal of time this summer in the pool. Jake and the girls couldn't resist at least one more trip back to the community pool which will be closing for the season in a few weeks.

The air was really warm today, but truth be told, the water was just a wee bit on the chilly side for everyone's liking. Once you got in though, it really wasn't too bad. Obviously though, unless they want to join the polar bear club, the Pohick's swimming season for 2007 is just about at an end. They are already looking forward to 2008.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

It's not easy being....Red

Meet Mr. American Toad or Bufo americanus as his friends like to call him. Molly found this fellow stuck in a drainage pipe next to the castle. Scribbles was ready to kiss him to see if he was really a prince. We had to explain to her that turning amphibians into princes typically only works with frogs and not toads. Scribbles decided not to chance it since we really didn't need some prince hanging around the castle anyway.


This weekend the Pohick clan went exploring and ended up in the town of Decatur, Al. Why you ask? Hmmm... Well, just because that's the sort of thing that the Pohicks do. Did you know that Astroturf was invented in Decatur? Or that Decatur is the home of Meow Mix. Well, that's the sort of thing you learn when you go exploring with the Pohicks. It's not about the destination. It's about the journey. Anyway, after exploring the town of Decatur, they ended up at the Wheeler Wildlife Refuge and decided to go for a little hike. A very pleasant day.