Tuesday, June 24, 2014

OK Go - The Writing's on the Wall

I am totally digging the OK Go Video.  Their videos are always creative and this one is no exception. I am amazed that this video was filmed in a single take.  This video is all about perspective; the illusions are real, so to speak, and that's what makes this jaw-dropping.

Perspective images such as something called the Necker cube, a flat line drawing that looks three-dimensional but isn't, make my eyes pop.

There are a lot of illusions that really mess with your brain.  My favorite is the upside down bike riding.  Who thinks of this stuff.  And like all things in this original music video, it makes me question perception and think about how your perspective can dictate understanding. Which of course is what the song is about.  Enjoy!

Which OK GO video is your favorite?