Monday, August 28, 2006

Royal Crisis

The project started innocently enough. King Jake decided to demonstrate his innate handyman capabilities by installing a new water filter for the ice maker. Step 1) shut off the water flow to the filter. No problem said Jake. He reached up shut off the valve which promptly snapped off in his hand and began spraying water all over the place. "Rut Ro", said Jake. Jake quickly found and shut off the main water supply for the castle. Unfortunately, this was right at the moment that Queen Molly was soaping up in the royal shower. Molly with shampoo in her eyes informed Jake what she really thought of his handyman capabilities. Jake then stated that he would just fix the problem himself. No sense in calling in the royal plumber on a Sunday after all. Besides, Jake had occasionally supervised the plumber as he went about his task and plumbing really didn't look all that difficult. Surely someone with a razor sharp intellect like King Jake would have no difficulty with a minor task such as this. Eight hours and 225 curse words later, Jake had finally repaired the water supply to the castle and Molly was able to complete her shower. Granted the ice maker is still not working, but Jake reckons he can complete the repair next weekend.

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Anonymous said...

King Jake, It is great to see that you are the master of your domain. Never be afraid to take on the big challenges. Besides, the politics of "handy-work" is always a good excuse to purchase new toys, for the home.