Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Cowan Railroad Museum

While returning from a trip to North Carolina, the Pohick family ended up traveling slightly off their nominally planned route. This is another way of saying that they made a wrong turn. Sometimes though, making a wrong turn can lead to interesting discoveries such as the Cowan Railroad Museum. This museum represents the railroad that has been an integral part of the city of Cowan, Tennessee since 1849 when construction began on boring a railroad tunnel through the mountain two miles southeast of town. The Cumberland Mountain Tunnel was finished in 1852 before the railroad actually made it to Cowan from Nashville. The town, the railroad and the tunnel still exist today. In support of that endeavor and later frequent trains through this region, a substantial frame depot was built in 1904, and that building is where the museum now houses its collection for your enjoyment.

Visitor information

The Museum is open from May through October, Thursday through Saturday 10 AM ‘till 4 PM and Sundays 1-4 PM. Other times can be arranged in advance by calling the museum and leaving a message: (931) 967-3078. Or you can call the nearby Cowan Welcome Center (931) 968-9877.

Admission is free! (But donations are greatly appreciated!) Volunteers, new members and other donations are always welcome. The museum is recognized as an official railroad museum by the State of Tennessee, but sustains itself by gifts, dues and contributions.

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