Friday, March 20, 2009


First Stop today was Mission Space at EPCOT. The Pohick's took a little trip to Mars. Scribbles was the Commander. Molly was the Pilot. Sarah Ray was the Engineer. And Jake was the Navigator (And no, they didn't get lost)
We did a "Behind the Seeds Tour at the Land". The Land is a large greenhouse complex with lots of neat and innovative methods of growing food. We learned how the biologists control pests at the Disney Greenhouses with minimal use of pesticides. One method is the use of helpful bugs like ladybugs. The girls even got to release some lady bugs into the complex.
Here we see Sarah Ray releasing some lady bugs among a bunch of pineapples. Much of the food grown in the greenhouses including the fruit, vegetables and fish are served in the Disney Restaurants.
One of the neat tricks that the Disney growers do is growing food in the shape of Mickey Mouse. These vegetables are placed in clear plastic forms when they are young. As they grow, they fill out the forms until they are the shape of Mickey.
In addition to growing fruits and vegetables, the Disney Growers also raise fish and alligators for food. We fed the fish in one of the tanks as part of the tour.
One of the neat things going on in EPCOT was the Kim Possible Experience. The girls got a cell phone that was connected to Kim Possible and her team of crime fighters. The girls received phone calls and had to rush around to different countries in search of clues to stop the bad guys. Kind of like a way cool scavenger hunt. When they located a clue, they pushed a button on the phone and some animatronic event would occur.

We finished the evening at the Biergarten in Germany. Jake and Scribbles did a little bit of dancing while they were there. Check out a short video of their moves.

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