Thursday, December 31, 2009

Busch Gardens - Tampa style

Even though Wednesday was zoo day, we could not keep Jake from playing with the animals.  Today he was practicing his grooming techniques with the chimps.  We were suprised to find that Busch Gardens had such a wide selection of animals to see.  Typically people relate the Amusement park with their rides.  The most popular at Busch Gardens Tampa are:  Gwazi (wooden roller coaster), Kumba (roller coaster), Rhino Rally (safari ride), SheiKra (coaster), and Montu (coaster).  Jake was brave enough to try SheiKra and Kumba with friends - Molly and Sarah cheered them on!  We hear that Scribbles is trying out Gwazi as this is being written!

This white tiger had us covered - literally.  The tiger enclosure had a really cool feature - you could go under it and pop your head up in a plexi-glass box in the enclosure.  It just so happened that there was a tiger laying on the box while we were inside it... we got an interesting picture of a tiger belly.  All the while the tiger just laid there looking a bit bored.

Jake got this shot of the full moon over the Morocco Palace.  We had just finished catching a few of the musical shows offered in the park when we looked up, and there was the moon begging us to take its picture.  It was a stellar -or lunar- way to end a busy day.

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