Saturday, January 05, 2013

Favorite TV Shows

Happy 2013 everyone.  Yes, I know that it has been a long time since my last post.  I would like to say that I have been busy, but it is kind of hard to say that with a straight face after a two year hiatus.  I was just thinking that I should to list my current favorite TV shows.  Why?  Just because.  So, here they are in no particular order.

1. Walking Dead - What can I say?  I'm a sucker for Zombies.  My first zombie movie was George Romero's Dawn of the Dead which was filmed in a shopping mall near the town where I grew up.  One of the ladies in my theater group there was actually one of the zombies.  How cool is that.  Anyway's I'm fond of the zombies.  Zombieland - Loved it.  Wish they would have made a Zombieland 2.  I would have gone to see it.  World War Z (the book) - Loved it.  Read it at the library and then went and bought myself a copy.  I have a little trepidation with the movie that is being produced based on the book.  I hope it doesn't stink.  So, walking dead is coming back in February.  Looking forward to it.

2. Big Bang Theory - I'm a geek, nerd, whatever.  It's nice to see a documentary about our lives.  So one of my favorite movies of all times is Revenge of the Nerds.  I went off to college thinking that the movie was an accurate portrayal of college life.  Well, not exactly.  But Big Bang is exactly how life is for nerds after they graduate from college right?

3. Downton Abbey - My wife and daughter a big into any period BBC crap.  I just happened to be in the room when Downton Abbey was on and I got a little caught up in the show.  I can quit any time I want. Really, I can.  :) I find myself speaking with a British accent after every episode.  Pip, Pip, Tally Ho and all that rot.  Tomorrow is the season premier.  I can't wait.

So that's my eclectic TV watching habits.  Zombies getting their brains blown out, Geeks chasing girls and being geeky and old English folks being bloody pompous.  What do you watch and why?

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T.R. Hoffman said...

We don't have time to watch much TV these days, but we make time on Wednesday nights to see The Middle and Modern Family. I swear The Middle is based on my family sometimes! I'm with you on the Walking Dead, but I never get to see it. I can't get into The Big Bang Theory (guess I'm not geek enough) and I've never seen Downton Abbey.