Friday, August 15, 2008

Text Messaging: The World in the Palm of Your Hand

On the way home from dinner at one of our favorite restaurants, the Pohick family is stuffed, sleepy, and relatively quiet.
That is, except for the CLICK CLICK CLICK clack CLICK clack clack CLICK that's coming from the back seat.
"Who are you talking to?" Jake inquires.
None of your business, I want to answer. But then again, he could get violent. I could end up in one of his beloved mousetraps. So instead, I give him a vague "My friends."
I, Scribbles of the Pohick Clan, thoroughly enjoy texting people. If I can send someone a text message instead of calling them, you can bet your hat that I will. It's easier, in a way. How is taking five minutes to type in a bunch of letters easier than just making a dang phone call? ...I don't know. It just is.
Texting is also a useful means of mass communication. For example, if you're stuck with your family on yet another road trip to see some historical museum or whatever, you send one message to all your friends who have cell phones. "Help! I'm going to die of boredom!" Almost immediately, you get several replies that are chock full of sympathy. "So sorry!" "Another trip???" "Where are you going now?" "*hug!*"
Another example: "Band practice today! Don't be late!" Send it to the entire band- they'll all show up. It's like magic.
Oh, this is a good one: "My dad just got fired from being the king... Can I stay at your castle?"
And you don't even have to use complete sentences. Many texters opt to use the IM language that has developed over the past years. "ctrn... pos! ttyl, ok? ily- cu l8r"
Text messaging is a misunderstood art. The younger generations are catching on quickly to the texting wave, but there are still adults who like to tease and complain. Just learn to live with it. You don't have to like it. You don't even have to use it- you can go on having vocal conversations all your life. Let us go on in our text mania. It could be much, much worse... Trust me on this one.
"Fingers of Fury" Scribbles signing off.


Gary ("Old Dude") said...

Hi, today in Honor of August 31st being designated as "BlogDay", I have selected your blog as one of my five new blogs and posted your blog in a post on My blog. Keep up the good work guys.

Gary (old dude)

Hunter McGrew said...

My mother, grandma, nor my grandpa understand the need of texting. Its pretty riduculous. I love it and I will always use it. Don't bash the kids so much, just make sure they talk to the parents while they are texting and they don't have those snobby attitudes. =)