Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Brad Montgomery Motivational Speaker

Jake isn't sure why his leadership is sending him to so many motivational seminars lately. Are they trying to tell him something? Last month they sent him to the "Get Motivated Seminar". Today they sent him to see Brad Montgomery, Motivational Speaker. Jake could be offended by this transparent critique of his motivation, but instead he chooses to be happy. And heck, Brad Montgomery is a hoot.

If you’re desperate for a humorist motivational speaker who is both inspirational and VERY funny — and if your business audience craves keynote speakers who blend laugh-out-loud humor with bona fide wisdom that they WILL implement, then you want humor expert and comedian speaker Brad Montgomery.

Organizations thirsting for funny speakers offering something fresh, motivational, and meaningful that is both humorous and a terrific business investment will love this guaranteed, can’t-miss hilarious speaker.

If your people deserve a boost to their morale, their bottom-line, and their energy level, and they demand a motivational speaker who will blow them away with a mix of high-content value and pure comedy … Just Book Brad.

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