Friday, February 13, 2009

Goodbye Colorado Springs

It's 4AM. It's Snowing. It's time to leave Colorado Springs. Jake had a good trip to Colorado Springs this week, but I think he has had enough of the winter wonderland.

Step 1 - Clear the snow off the car. (Why does it have to keep snowing. I wish Molly was here. She loves the snow.)
Step 2 - Get to the Airport. (The defroster doesn't seem to be working. Just keep moving towards the airport lights. You can't see the road because of the snow anyway.)
Step 3 - Return the Rental Car. (Hey, Why isn't there anyone at the rental car return place. They probably don't want to be here at 4AM in a snow storm either. Just leave the car and hope for the best.)
Step 4 - Check in at the Airline Counter. (Why the heck is there such a long line. I hope the flight isn't canceled because of the snow storm.)
Step 5 - Get through Security (Why the heck is there such a long line at security. Don't these people know that it is 4AM in the morning. They are all flying somewhere warm in the south I bet. Don't those new Blue TSA uniforms look snazzy though.)
Step 6 - Get on the plane. (Why do I always get wedged in between two value sized passengers. Just for once, I would like to be the bread instead of the filling in the middle. We are going to have to wait for our turn for deicing. Great. We are going to turn off the ventilation while we are deicing. Extra Great. I can't really breath here in the sandwich anyway so just take your time.)
Step 7 - Make the connecting flight. (Our flight is going to be landing late. Of Course. The connecting flight is about a mile away. Of Course. )

All is well that ends well. Jake made it home in one piece and is glad to be back in Alabama where it is about 65 degrees today. Jake had fun in Colorado, but there is no place like home. (He said as he clicked the heels of his ruby red shoes together.)

Colorado Springs Attractions

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