Thursday, June 19, 2008

Manitou Springs Colorado

After the big hike up the Manitou Mount Incline Railway, Jake and Mr. Peabody stopped by the town of Manitou Springs for a short look around and a little food. Manitou Springs is a hippie, artsy, eccentric, touristy town. This town of approximately 5,000 residents, has an interesting history including sacred ground to several Indian tribes, gold-rush-era resort, tuberculosis treatment center and Old West mountainside tourist trap as well as 1960s hippie haven. A 752-building swath of town was declared a national historic district in 1983, and many of its late-19th-century buildings are now bed-and-breakfasts. For dinner Jake and Mr. Peabody stopped by The Loop. The Loop is a quaint little Mexican restaurant in the middle of town. The food was good and the prices were reasonable.

Check out Manitou Springs on this map of places we've been.

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