Friday, June 27, 2008

Hurricane Creek Park

Hurricane Creek Park is a 67+ acre natural area, nestled in a 500 foot deep canyon in the foothills of the Appalacian Mountains. The park was founded in 1961 by William "Buddy" Rogers. He ran the park as a day-hike/picnic area for forty years. In 2003 he donated his beloved park to the State of Alabama Wildlife & Fisheries.

The City of Cullman Parks & Recreation now has the responsibility of operating the property. There is something here for outdoor enthusiasts of all ages. The park features several waterfalls that are rain fed and run about eight months out of the year. There are many unusual rock formations including a na
tural bridge, and beautiful scenic views. The park has several miles of well marked hiking trails.

In addition to hiking, vis
itors can picnic beside the creek under the covered pavillion or at individual tables in the same vicinity. We are building mountain bike trails that are currently being detailed and finished, we are forging ahead with expansion on a daily basis. Check out our MTB Freeride Elements

One trail passes through the spooky Twilight Tunnel, a dark, rocky crevasse barely wide enough for a person to squeeze through. The tunnel isn't completely dark, but since we ha
d no idea where we were going it was a little disconcerting. Making use of modern technology, we all got out our cell phones and used the collective dim light from our phones to navigate our way through the long cave.

The park also offers a "My First TIme Rock Climbing" program which is conducted every Saturday morning. This program is great for birthday parties, family get-togethers, activity dates, etc. Hurricane Creek Park has been added as a stop on the North Alabama Birding Trail and is host to many species of birds.

Admission into the park is $2.50 for Children and $3.00 for adults.

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