Sunday, June 08, 2008

The Path of Least Resistance

So actually, this was the path of a fair amount of resistance. The back portion of our property is not inclined to be civilized. In fact, areas that we have previously cleared have sprung back to life as if we had never touched them. We decided to focus our efforts on a small area and to create a path through the wilderness. We are quite pleased with the results of our efforts. This project allowed us to incorporate a clean landscaping look along with area's beautiful natural foliage.

Construction Steps:

1. First we cleared a small path through the woods. We selected an area that was already relatively clear of foliage.

2. Next, we laid out the path using dead fall tree branches from the forest. Landscaping timbers would probably last longer, but we have no shortage of replacement tree branches. This saves us the expense of landscaping timbers and also the cost and effort of hauling the tree limbs off to a landfill. Additionally, the tree limbs give the path a rustic charm.

3. Finally, we used a 2- to 3- inch layer of pine bark for weed control. Pine bark makes an attractive, usually dark-colored mulch. It can be purchased in various particle sizes, from shredded to large-sized particles, called nuggets. This project required 6 bags of mulch.

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