Friday, June 13, 2008

NASA Crew Mobility Chassis Prototype

This isn't your dad's moon buggy. NASA is evaluating new concepts for moving astronauts around on the surface of the moon. The Crew Mobility Chassis Prototype is NASA's new concept for a lunar truck. Researchers are trying it out at Moses Lake, Wash., this week as part of a series of tests of lunar surface concepts. One feature is its high mobility. Each set of wheels can pivot individually in any direction, giving the vehicle the ability to drive sideways, forward, backward and any direction in between -- important if the truck becomes mired in lunar dust, needs to zigzag down a steep crater wall or parallel park at its docking station. NASA currently is building the spacecraft and systems to return to the moon by 2020.

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Anonymous said...

It could have been understood as developing new concepts if the moon landing were correct in first place so it is merely wasting money!