Saturday, June 14, 2008

Water Powered Car

Tired of rapidly rising fuel prices? No problem. Just get out the garden hose. A Japanese company named Genepax claims to have produced a prototype vehicle that runs entirely on water and air. Their new "Water Energy System (WES)," generates power by supplying water and air to the fuel and air electrodes using a proprietary technology called the Membrane Electrode Assembly (MEA). The secret behind MEA is a special material that is capable of breaking down water into hydrogen and oxygen through a chemical reaction. During a recent conference, Genepax unveiled a fuel cell stack with a rated output of 120W and a fuel cell system with a rated output of 300W—and there are plans for a 1kw-class generation system for use in both electric vehicles and houses sometime in the future. At this point, the cost of production on the water-powered vehicle engine itself is around about $18,522, but they hope to drop the price to $4600 or less if they succeed in bringing it into mass production.

Wikipedia Link - Genepax
Company Link - Genepax


Anonymous said...

Cool! But can then make slightly smaller=)

Jake Pohick said...

I can't imagine them making the car much smaller. But what's up with the guy wearing a hockey mask in the front seat? Seems a little Friday the 13THish to me.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps he was horribly scarred in a freak water accident in the testing of the first prototype.

EnnaR said...

That is awesome who is the ski masked person. lol.