Sunday, April 19, 2009

Habitat Flooring

First, we framed the house. Then we put siding on the house. And then we painted the house. Today we put in the tile floor throughout the house, painted trim and hung doors. This was actually a pretty easy day. We put glue on the floor and then waited until it dried to a clear consistency. Then we started putting the tile in place. They only thing that slowed us down was cutting around corners. Yes, we were cutting corners, put in a good way.
The tiles were on the floor in just a couple of hours.
Everyone took a break at lunch. Each of the churches that are sponsoring this build take turns providing meals and snacks for the workers. It's almost hard getting everyone to stop and take a break sometimes. After the lunch break, we started hanging doors. Hanging doors is a much more demanding and exacting science than tile laying.

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