Sunday, April 26, 2009

Habitat Kitchen Cabinets and Shelves

First, we framed the house. Then we put siding on the house. And then we painted the house. Then we put in flooring, doors and trim. Today we installed kitchen cabinets and shelving. Jake got put on the shelf installation crew. He installed shelving in 6 closets plus the laundry room. While installing shelves in one of the bedrooms, we were visited by the family who will be moving into the house. The little girl was very excited to see her new room.
Another team was installing the cabinets in the kitchen. One of the cabinets contained a lazy susan. It just so happened that the two guys who were installing that section, both have wives named Susan. They decided that it would be more appropriate to call that section the efficient Susan rather than the lazy Susan.

So where does the term "lazy Susan" come from anyway? According to wikipedia, legend has it, the term was officially coined in reference to Susan B. Anthony in 1868 by political leaders opposed to her efforts supporting women's suffrage. The term began to surface after an attempted effort by Anthony to make a case for gender equality by denouncing a woman's 'duty' to fulfill cooking needs within the household. However, her adversaries dismissed the idea as an effort to disguise her laziness, hence, referring to her in the papers as 'Lazy Susan.'

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