Sunday, October 27, 2013

Green LED Christmas Lights

Every year I do a nice Christmas display in my front yard. A few year ago I switched from the mini-incandescent lights to the LED lights.  I like them. They look nice. The are energy efficient.  They last a long time.  But they have presented me with a dilemma.  My light display uses red, white, blue and green lights.  If you go to the various retail stores including but not limited to Walmart, Target, Home Depot, and Lowes you can buy LED Christmas Lights.  They have red.  They have White.  They have Blue.  They do not have Green.  What the heck?  Why do they not sell green Christmas lights?  You can buy multi-color strings that include green lights, but they do not sell all green strings.  And yes, I have asked the sales people and customer service folks at all of the stores.  I get the same reaction from all of them. I ask, "Do you have all green LED Christmas lights?"  They say, "Yes, follow me please." And then we walk to the LED Christmas light section and low and behold, they do not have "all green" strings.  They store employees look perplexed and say things like, "I was so sure that we sold "all green" LED lights."

I even tried buying multi-color strings and separated the lights into homogeneous colors, but that is crazy hard and takes a long time.  And they often mix in colors like yellow which I have no use for. So as a result, I'm stuck buying them online which is normally less expensive, but apparently not for "all green" LED Christmas lights.  Sigh.....  If anyone has a better solution, please let me know.


reality said...

Jack- I was discussing this w/my husband today and it seems like some sort of conspiracy. Try finding twinkling lights in a solid color other than white or clear but sure enough they exist in multi colors. I started seeking our light needs in Oct. Green LED's are not out there and only one store offered red. My thoughts wander from the dimly lit bulb Buyers to playing with our heads. It doesn't make sense. but then what does these daze? Guess I will be strong armed into buying on line or go in for the incandescent green this year. Happy Holidays, Jacq

Jack Mast said...

I agree with you Jacq! I'd like to blame this on dumb buyers, but it doesn't seem possible that ever store would have the exact same problem. I am going to go with your conspiracy theory. Let me know if you find any good deals. Jack