Thursday, October 05, 2006

Bench Warrant

A bench warrant was issued today for several members of the Pohick clan. Molly and Yellow Hair finally got down to the business of finishing a bench that Molly received for her birthday from Squeaky about a year ago.

Molly went to the local home supply store to purchase some stain. Apparently she really likes the particular shade she purchased, because when she returned home she realized that she had a entire case of the exact same color and brand already sitting in the garage. Oh Well, I guess you can't have too much of a good thing. Jake is now afraid though that everything in the castle will soon be a lovely shade of Polyshades Natural Cherry Gloss from Minwax.

Molly and Yellow Hair did a fine job on the bench. Jake especially liked the fact that he was not asked to participate in this project. There is a very slight chance that the only reason he was not asked to participate was that he was nowhere to be found. His story is that he didn't realize that there was work to be done. A likely story.


Sympho said...

I can relate; I find myself conveniently vanishing whenever there is a home improvement project to be had. Pure coincidence, I assure you.

I was Trailer Trash when Trailer Trash wasn't Cool said...

Yep. He wuz out chasen them mouses around, that wuz what him wuz doin. Yep.