Thursday, October 12, 2006

Your Wish is My Command

Jake's sister, the Vice-President of the dairy farmer's association was very insistent that she was not going to let Jake take her picture. She was concerned that Jake would somehow alter her image and put a funny hat on her head or dots on her face. After Jake crossed his heart and promised that he would not put any funny accessories on his favorite sister she finally relented to having her picture taken.

Pohick Trivia: I'll bet that you didn't know that the average person in Pohick drinks 23 gallons of milk per year.


ArcticFox said...

you're perfectly right.... I did not know they drank that much milk....

23 gallons a year?

184 pints per person per year

that's half a pint a day for each person by my reckoning!!

nice stat!!


I was Trailer Trash when Trailer Trash wasn't Cool said...

How much beer they dranks?