Monday, September 04, 2006

Let me show you to your room

One way to ensure that your house guests do not overstay their welcome is to have them stay in the guest room in the dungeon. Here we see Queen Molly taking the Dairy Farmer's Association on a tour of the dungeon area. On the bright side, no air conditioning is required as the dungeon.....I mean guest room remains at a pleasant 54 degrees.

(Photo taken at Natural Bridge Caverns in Natural Bridge, VA)

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John said...

Hmm. A cave with a kind of square-ish entrance. That's more likely to be a People cave than a Dragon cave. And the creatures exiting the cave appear to be more like People than Dragons. So, in my estimation, there's a 93.7% chance that what you have there is a bonifidable People Cave.

That's good. 'Cause if the Dragons come back in sizeable numbers, the Giants may come back and bring their smelly hunting Ogres.

Dragon Alert Level: GREEN