Thursday, September 07, 2006

Gourmet Food

One night per week, Jake is required to prepare dinner for the Pohick family. Molly told Jake that if he made TV dinners or ordered pizza one more time, that there was going to be trouble. Jake may not be the smartest cookie in the tool shed, but he still remembers the last time he got in trouble and wanted no part of it. So he went out and hired a professional gourmet chef to prepare a delicious (and nutritious) meal for the family. Hmmmmm.... You don't believe that? Ok, how about this. This gentleman is an IRS Revenue Agent who came to audit the Pohick Kingdom income tax returns. The audit was taking so long thanks to Jake's unique accounting methodology, that the IRS agent needed to cook a meal to gather his strength before he could continue. Yeah..... That's my story and I'm sticking to it.


Keith said...

The Man in the Pic seems to fit... The Chef's Hat seems a bit of Photoshop... hehe

Nice story tho... :)

Jake Pohick said...

Photoshop....Naw...We would never use photoshop to retouch pictures here at Pohick. We have a strict jounalistic integrity. Actually, we are too cheap to buy Photoshop and use PhotoFiltre instead because it is free.