Wednesday, September 06, 2006


So, what do you get for the man who has everything? You get him a Segway of course. It's not as if Jake actually needs exercise. Since his workout plan is to avoid all possible calorie expenditure then zipping around on a Segway is just the way to go. With regard to being a fun ride, Jake gives the Segway two thumbs up. Or perhaps I should say that he would give it two thumbs up if he weren't actively engaged in trying to stay on the Segway.

The Segway is a two-wheeled, self-balancing transportation device invented by Dean Kamen and unveiled in December 2001. It is available in various models and form factors produced by the company Segway Inc. of New Hampshire. The name "Segway PT" stands for "Segway Personal Transporter", while the older acronym, HT, stood for "Human Transporter".

Computers and motors in the base keep the Segway upright at all times. Users lean forward to move forward, and back to move backwards. In new models turning is also done by leaning left and right while in older/discontinued models via twisting a hand grip on the left handlebar. Segway PTs are driven by electric motors at up to 12.5 mph (10 mph in the small discontinued p-Series). Gyroscopes are used to detect departures from perfect balance. In laws that regulate it, the applicable category is sometimes called "electric personal assistive mobility device" (EPAMD).

(Photo taken at the Science Museum of Virginia in Richmond, VA)

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Keith said...

If I had the Money I would have a "Segway" no doubt about it...