Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Rosetta Stone Software Learn Spanish

Hola amigos. (Hello friends) Jake's boss has decided that everyone in the office must learn a foreign language. He feels so strongly about this that he provided Rosetta Stone software to each of the employees. The software seems to be very effective and easy to use. Each employee was also given the option to choose which language they would like to learn. The problem is that Jake really doesn't want to learn any language. Oh, the thought of learning another language is cool, but in practice, it is very time consuming. And like many people, Jake really doesn't like doing things that are "Mandatory". Each month, Jake has to complete his mandatory lessons and turn in proof that he has completed them in order to achieve success on his performance metrics. After four months, Jake has managed to successfully complete his requisite lessons, but there have been a few last minute scrambles to get the work done.

So is Jake actually starting to understand Spanish? un poco. (A little) In fact today, Jake was at the store and overheard two people conversing in Spanish. To his surprise, he could actually make out what they were saying. He was so overcome with this new linguistic revelation, that he kept drifting closer and closer to the speakers until he has practically standing on top of them. They immediately stopped talking and looked at Jake as if he might be insane. (Which of course is a distinct possibility.) Jake muttered a feeble Perdón (Pardon me) and slunk away.

So that's Jake's story. Have you had any success or failure learning a new language as an adult?

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