Tuesday, April 01, 2008

US Space and Rocket Center 2007 Annual Report

The US Space and Rocket Center (USSRC) located in Huntsville, AL has released their 2007 Annual Report. Here are a few interesting highlights from the report:
  • 10,755 attended a weeklong program which is an 8% increase from FY06; 877 were teachers
  • 22,479 attended a 2-night/3-day program
  • 71,647 attended a museum daily/field trip program
  • 104,881 total attended a program at the US Space and Rocket Center during 2007
  • 50 states had campers attend
  • 57 countries had campers attend
Already known as the largest museum in the world devoted exclusively to space artifacts, the USSRC took a gigantic leap forward with the addition of the Saturn V and Federal Transit Administration complex that totals 68,200 square feet. The building called the "Davidson Center" houses the new ticketing area for the museum complex, a 360-seat auditorium equipped with 3-D projection equipment, and more than 42,000 of exhibit space in the gallery where the Saturn V is displayed 10 feet above the floor.

Financially, the USSRC had a good year. They took in $37.19M in revenues while managing to hold expenses to $26.43M. This is great news as it should allow the USSRC to reinvest the surplus and make even more improvements to the facilities and collections at the center.

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Anonymous said...

It is interesting to see that they are still spending millions of dollars to create such museums ironically they are that careless about keeping the original records of the moon landing not only that even NASA spoke person claimed that they had destroyed the original equipment in which the telemetry data could be replayed !They did not even place them in a museum that, am I right ?