Sunday, December 07, 2008

Happy Mileversary Sally Racer

Congratulations Sally! What a milestone! Today Jake's Car Sally Racer had her 100,000 mileversary. Sally is a 1998 Mercury Tracer Wagon.

So how far is 100,000 miles? To put it in perspective, the distance around the Earth at the equator is about 25,000 miles. That means that Sally has driven all the way around the Earth about 4 times.

In all that distance, she has only had a minor failure or two like the Lost in the Wild Incident. She has been a steady performer during her 11 years of service to the Pohick family. It is especially noteworthy given the fact that recently she has been helping a student driver learn how to drive.

So what is the birthday girl going to do for her mileversary? First she is going to get a nice oil change and lube job. Then she is going to get a thorough washing inside and out and a nice coat of wax. We've got to keep her looking nice as she begins her second 100,000 miles.

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Ride Sally Ride!!