Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Tie Dyed Gone Wild

About a year ago, Jake decided to make a few tied dyed t-shirts. He did this for no particular reason. He just woke up one day and decided to make a couple of shirts. Just a little summer fun so to speak. Jake and his helpers made their first batch of shirts using Rit dye of the variety you can find in many hobby stores. This is the type that comes in a small box. The shirts came out fine, but boiling a vat of dye was a lot of work, and the dyed shirts didn't stay dyed for very long. Jake did a little research and discovered Procion MX dye. This technique uses dye in a squirt tube. Not only is this technique easier to use, but the resulting shirts are a lot more vivid and the dye stays on the shirts after many washings.

Jake has now made several hundred shirts and has given most of them away. His momma always told him that there are only so many tie dyed shirts a man needs in his life and the rest are just for showing off. So Jake makes the shirts and gives them away. Before he gives this batch away though, he thought he would take a picture to remembers his creations and the fun he had making them. If you would like to learn to make these shirts, here are the directions that Jake uses.

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miss.luig said...

I received my orange and purple tie dyed shirt yesterday. It looks great. After getting multiple compliments on my pink and blue tie dyed shirt from Crazy Uncle Jack's Tie Dyed Emporium, I decided to only get my tie dyes from Crazy Uncle Jack! Thanks!