Sunday, June 07, 2009

Belle of Georgia Semi-Dwarf Peach Tree Growth

The Belle of Georgia Semi-Dwarf Peach Tree that we planted just over a year ago is doing great. The tree has grown several feet and has really filled out.
The tree has so much fruit growing on it that Jake had to thin out some of the peaches today in order to keep the young branches from snapping under the weight. This is despite the fact that the Japanese Beatles ate the tree up pretty good last year. We used the growing instructions located on this page and they seem to work pretty well. We can't wait to harvest our first few peaches this year. In the coming years we will be eating peaches, peach pie, peach cobbler, peach preserves, peach ice cream, peach cake, peach parfaits.

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Anonymous said...

Hi! We are planting 2 Belle of Georgia peach trees this year and your blog came up on Google. I would love to see a 2010 pic of your "orchard".

Anonymous said...

Tree looked good in 2008, but could not compete with T-shirt in 2009! We just ordered two trees as well, and look forward to following after you. Thanks for the great info, Dean