Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Seven Fall (Colorado Springs)

Jake is normally able to talk his co-workers into a little hike when they are on business trips. This week, Jake's power of persuasion seemed to be lagging because he was unable to get a single taker on a hike. Not to be deterred, he decided to go it alone. Today's destination was Seven Falls in Colorado Springs. It was a really nice day for a hike. It was partly cloudy and the temperature was in the 70s.

Seven Falls is a series of seven cascading waterfalls in Colorado Springs, Colorado. The sum of the height of the seven falls is 181 feet (55.17 m) and there are a total of 224 steps on the staircase from the base of the falls to the peak. On December 5, 1872, Nathaniel Colby homesteaded the 160 acres (0.65 km2) that included the present day Seven Falls and South Cheyenne Canyon. Colby did not want the possible value of his purchase, for nine months later he sold the land to the Colorado Springs Land Company for $1000.
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Deej said...

too bad no one would join you, looks like they missed out. I would have gone, it looks like a good workout.