Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Le Pew

Jake got a little surprise this morning when he was out for his morning run. He always greets the people and creatures that he meets along his running route. He greets the people and dogs. He greets the cats and cows and horses. This morning he saw what he thought was a little cat. Just to be neighborly, he greeted the cat with his customary, "Good Morning Kitty Kitty Kitty." The cat upon hearing this, came running over to Jake, which Jake thought was very friendly and he prepared to pet the kitty. That was until he noticed that the kitty had an unusual white stripe down his back. Jake started backing up rapidly, but the kitty kept coming towards him. Jake had called to the kitty after all. By this point Jake was madly running down the street screaming. "LE PEW! LE PEW!"

The morale to this story is that you should use a certain degree of caution when petting black and white cats in the twilight hours.


miss.luig said...

Oh nooooo!!!!! Morning running is always an adventure. You never know who you are gonna meet.

Anonymous said...

that is hilarious!!!