Sunday, September 14, 2014

Random Road Trip Day 2 (14 Sep 2014)

We had a lot of fun on day 1 of our adventure.

At the beginning of day 2, we owed the dice 2 hours to the east.  We started on our way East and decided to stop at the Circle G Safari Park.  Mary and I haven't laughed this much in a long time.

Source: Circle G Website - Circle G Ranch is a 105 acre, 3 mile drive - thru exotic animal park with many adventures to choose from. Drive your own vehicle through the park or rent a jeep.  All the animals will come right up to your car for an up close, personal experience. Our animals are extremely friendly and gentle. Feeding zebra, emus, deer, etc. is not something you can do at your regular zoo. We have over 500 exotic animals that includes 40 different species that coexist and roam freely together. Here, we encourage that you engage and touch our animals rather than stand behind fences and watch. At the Circle G Ranch, you are the one on exhibit.. not the animals. The petting zoo is usually our nursery for all lambs, goats and camel and pot bellied pig babies. It's always a huge hit with everyone.  Our pride and joy is our Camel Safari. We are the only one in the country of it's kind and caught the attention of The Travel Channel for coverage as a "unique experience and travel destination". Our Camel Safari is a trail ride, that is a guided tour through our animal park. So while riding a camel you are viewing all the animals in our park, in a natural setting. It is truly a wild safari. Your guide will educate you on all the animals in the park and answer any questions you may have on a particular species. So, you do not have to go all the way to Africa to have this experience. It is a once of a lifetime adventure in your very own backyard. We have so much to offer local families at an affordable price and we guarantee an adventure you and yours will never forget. It's important in our time to educate and conserve while offering an inexpensive option for families and friends.  If you have had a camel ride at the Knoxville Zoo or attended the Dixie Stampede Christmas show, those are our animals. So, we like to think all of our animals here at the Circle G Ranch are superstars.

The animals at the safari park literally attacked us.  

Do you have food for me?

After leaving the safari park, we continued on our journey East and stopped at a rest stop.  Mary rolled the dice.


3 hours South
3 hours South took us to Chimney Rock, North Carolina.

Source: Wikipedia - Chimney Rock State Park is a North Carolina state park in Chimney Rock, Rutherford County, North Carolina in the United States. The 5,942-acre (24.05 km2) park is located 25 miles (40 km) southeast of Asheville, North Carolina, and is owned by the state of North Carolina.

It offers hiking trails for all skill levels, spectacular views, the Devil's Head balancing rock and a 404-foot (123 m) waterfall, Hickory Nut Falls. Its most notable feature is a 315-foot (96 m) rock formation, a granite monolith, Chimney Rock, accessible by elevator and providing views of the park and surrounding countryside. Areas within the park as well as surrounding the park were featured prominently in the 1984 film A Breed Apart and most of the final scenes of the 1992 adaptation of The Last of the Mohicans.

Mary below Chimney Rock

Jack below Chimney Rock

The tunnel to the 26 story elevator

Our Car is way down there

Jack and Mary on Chimney Rock

Chimney Rock from the Opera Box
Jack at Walnut Falls

Mary at Walnut Falls

Walnut Falls

Time to roll the dice again.

6 hours South
And the verdict is 6 hours South.  We finished 2.5 hours of the six today.  We need to do another 3.5 hours tomorrow.  Today we made it as far as Columbia, SC.

Welcome to South Carolina
At the end of day two,we covered three states and 310 miles.

Day 2 - 310 Miles and 3 States
Tomorrow - Day 3 (15 Sep 2014)

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