Thursday, September 18, 2014

Random Road Trip - Day 6 (18 Sep 2014)

This is going to be a very quick update to the Random Road Trip Blog.  The dice are safely ensconced in their travel bag. We decided to take the day off from traveling today.  If you are going to take the day off, there are much worse places than Destin, Florida.  The weather is lovely, mostly sunny, 88 degrees.

Here is where we have been on this trip:

Today, we laid on the beach and swam in the Gulf of Mexico.

Mary and Jack and the Gulf of Mexico
We also met up with Mary's friend Mare Gilmore who lives in Destin. We are jealous.

Captain's Log Supplemental: For dinner tonight, Mary and I went to dinner with Mare Gilmore to Dewey's.

Dewey's is definitely not a place we would have stopped without a recommendation.  It is tucked way back in behind some houses.  You have to drive down someone's driveway to get there.  And once you get there, what you see is a food truck with no wheels.  We soldiered on though and we were glad that we did.  Good call Mare!

Clean Up Crew

Dock at Dewey's

Seating at Dewey's

Sunset at Dewey's

Mary, Jack and Mare at Dewey's

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