Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Random Road Trip - Day 5 (17 Sep 2014)

Hello Everyone!  In case you missed the last couple of days here is where we have been so far:

Total - 1,410 miles (Six States)

At the beginning of day 5, we owed the dice two more hours to the east from our location in Jacksonville, FL. There is just one problem with that.  Jacksonville is almost on the Atlantic Coast.  So we decided to drive to the Atlantic Ocean and walk along the beach for an hour.  I'm sure that the dice will understand.  The beach was very pleasant and we were very surprised how warm the water was.  
Jack and Mary on Jacksonville, FL Beach

Random Bird with cool reflection

Script A - Roll Tide

Roll Tide Roll

Jacksonville Florida Beach Looking North

Jacksonville Florida Beach Looking South

Sand Dune
After we walked along the beach for an hour, it was time to roll the dice again.  

West 5 Hours
And verdict is West for five hours.  That takes us to approximately the Destin/Panama City area.

We drove straight through to Destin, Florida and checked into our room.  Then we went to a restaurant across the street called "The Back Porch".  

We had a very nice view of the Gulf of Mexico from our table.

View of the Gulf from our table.

After dinner we strolled down the beach.  We started the day at the Atlantic Ocean and ended the day on the Gulf of Mexico.  If we can just get to the Pacific Ocean by tomorrow we can achieve the trifecta.
Sunset Walk on the Beach
Today was the longest travel day by far.  We drove 385 miles and never left the state of Florida.

Day 5 - 385 Miles (Florida)

Tomorrow is going to be a non-travel day.  We need a little bit of a break.  Mary and I have decided to spend an extra day at the Destin, FL Beach. And you know what?  We can do that because we have no place to be and all week to get there.

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