Sunday, January 14, 2007

Climb Every Mountain

There's nothing like climbing a few thousand feet up a shear granite wall first thing in the morning to get the old blood pumping. Molly decided to take the Pohick Girl Scout Troop out to do a little rock climbing. You can only earn so many badges for doing paper mache art after all. Little did she know though just how high the climb was actually going to be. Special thanks to Mrs. Hagrid for this photo of Yellow Hair in action. During the climb, Yellow Hair asked Molly, "Do you think Grandma Squeaky would be nervous is she saw what we were doing?" Without waiting for an answer, she proceeded to climb higher.

What is amazing about this is that prior to this rock climbing adventure, Yellow Hair announced that she was afraid of heights. Fear of heights is also called acrophobia. Though Yellow Hair was afraid, she did not allow her fear to consume her and she confronted it head on.

We all have fears of one sort or another. Molly is afraid of mice (Musophobia) which has led to numerous emotional encounters. Scribbles is afraid of cleaning her room for fear of what she might find. Jake is afraid of lots of things including children, the pizza man, traveling and running out of snack food (Nosnackophobia).

What are you most afraid of? How do you confront this fear?



commodore.scribbles said...

Grr...okay, let me make one thing perfectly straight- I am NOT afraid to clean my room. I know exactly what's in there....kind of. Mostly. But you know what I really afraid of? When the royal transportation is malfunctioning and King Jake has to drive me to school...I'm deathly afraid of being late. Somehow, my worst fear always comes true.

Anonymous said...

My worst fear is "Nastogasophobia" which is the fear of being enveloped by strange bathroom smells. A strong 2nd is "Dictatorial-spousal-work-o-phobia". this usually results from too many honey-do lists. This is most prevalent during football season.

Jitters said...

I am afraid of being afraid, which really scares me and makes me even more afraid, which of course makes me fearful.....and well, I think you get the picture....