Thursday, January 11, 2007

Divine Recognition

It has been said that, the lord works in mysterious ways. This week Jake's mother Squeaky was visiting from her home in the Emerald City. Squeaky doesn't visit Pohick very often and had never been to church with the Pohick Clan. The Pohick church has a custom of having everyone wear a name tag in order to make recognition easier. Squeaky was given her very own name tag.

When it came time to receive communion, Squeaky went to the front of the church and received communion from the pastor. All was well until the pastor who squeaky had never met in her life addressed her by her name. Squeaky almost fell to her knees thinking that God had whispered her name in the pastor's ear. We did eventually tell her how the pastor performed this feat.

Jake wishes that God would whisper people's names in his ear. One time Jake had a 20 minute conversation with a person on the street. When the conversation was over, Molly said to Jake, "You have no idea who that was do you?" Jake admitted that he didn't. Molly said, "That was Bobby Johnson. You were in his wedding." Jake said, "Oh..." So, yes, the divine name knowing thing would be a pretty cool super power to have. Not as cool as Spiderman mind you, but just think of all the fun you could have messing with people. Hi Tom! Good to see you Sally! I haven't seen you for ages Suzy!

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commodore.scribbles said...

Yeah, that would be nice. I would prefer a power to make things disappear, though. Like teachers' brain cells. "Homework? No, ma'am, you didn't assign any homework!"