Monday, January 08, 2007

Global Warming

The average high temperature in Pohick in January is 35 degrees. Yesterday, we had a high of 75 degrees. Using my high school math skills, it would appear that we have a deviation from the norm of approximately 40 degrees.

This on the surface brings to mind images of global warming, melting ice caps, dramatic shifts in global weather patterns. So, you ask, did we spend the day lamenting the end of civilization as we know it? Hmmmm... No... We instead, went hiking, enjoyed the fresh outside air and finished off the day with a barbecue. Mmmm.... barbecue.

Jake's new motto, "If a global catastrophe is coming, please let it be one we can meet in shorts and a tee shirt and not while wielding a snow shovel."

So, let's hear your 2 cents worth. Is the mild weather we are having and indication of global warming or not?


Anonymous said...

Global Warming?? I'm all for it! The chance to enjoy summer all year long is just too appealing to let this opportunity slide by. So let's all burn the leaves, drive our SUV's, drill for oil, and do whatever we can to make this world a nicer place to live in.

*-*Dictator A-nOn-y-moUs said...

Global warming...what next? Giant floods that engulf NYC and then freeze, causing an instant blizzard? We never knew that those Empire State Building snowglobes were actually telling the future? Meh, I'm not worried. ^_^ Let the global warming come- the polar bears can come live with me and my roommates in our dorm! They'll just love that, I'm sure...
*_*Dictator A-nOn-y-MoUs

commodore.scribbles said...

Ah, yes. While the royal family lounges around and participates in recreation, the world is coming to an end! And does King Jake do anything about it? No! It's left up to me, the black sheep princess, to save the world. Do you want to know why I'm not featured in this blog? Because I was researching nanotechnology in an attempt to save the ozone layer! As for Jake, I've been saying it since the mouse wars: I propose anarchy. The Pohick Revolution!!!