Sunday, January 28, 2007

What's Buggin You?

The craziest thing happened to Jake at church this week. The Pohick clan was sitting in the front row, because Jake is a creature of habit and hates change. The service started and everyone began singing one of those uplifting contemporary Christian hits. Just as the singing started, a vicious fly started circling Jake's head. Jake thought that this was quite unusual given the fact that you don't normally see many flies in January.

Jake was very disturbed by the fact that the fly wasn't bothering anyone else, but would not leave him alone. Jake began swinging wildly at the annoying insect. Everyone in church assumed that Jake, who was sitting in the first row, was really being moved by the holy spirit. This went on for some time until Molly began poking Jake in the ribs and telling him to cut it out. At about this moment, Jake who was still trying to sing, took a deep breath, and I kid you not, inhaled the fly. The fly was lodged in the back of Jake's throat. Jake turned Red, then Blue, then Purple while trying to dislodge the bug from his throat. He finally managed to dislodge the insect and spat the fly to the floor in the front of the congregation. It's amazing how uncomfortable you will feel when spitting on the floor of a church in front of 300 people.

Amazingly enough, the sermon for the day was how Jesus commanded demons to leave people's bodies. Jake thinks it's possible that the fly he swallowed might have been a demon. He is absolutely certain though that flies taste nasty and leave a terrible after-taste in your mouth. He has never been so thankful to get a cup of communion wine.

Have you ever eaten a bug on purpose or otherwise?


The GateKeeper said...

Okay, that's just waaay too funny, but I'm gonna need some more proof that flies leave a nasty after-taste. JK. Thank the Lord for communion.

Dana said...

Lord, that reminds me of the Ray Steven's song, The Mississippi Squirrel Revival. LOL Great song! Anyway, I don't remember swallowing a bug, but my husband swallowed a bee once that had gotten into his can of pop. He's allergic and his throat swelled up. Nasty!

Carol said...

I think you're right - the fly definitely must've been a demon!