Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Crazy Like A Fox

No, we are not saying that Jake is crazy like a fox. Everyone knows that Jake is just plain crazy.

We have occasionally seen a fox around the neighborhood during the last couple of years. Jake has tried repeatedly to snap a picture of this fellow. Unfortunately, the fox just wouldn't stand still long enough for Jake to run into the house, grab the camera and run back outside in time to snap a picture. This could be a commentary on Jake's lack of quickness, but we prefer to think that the fox was really just a little camera shy. The photo in this blog entry was taken yesterday by Jake and Molly's neighbor Mrs Hagrid. Not only is there one Fox, but apparently there are two. This may explain the abundance of missing cats in the neighborhood as of late.

Here are a few fox facts for those who are curious:
  • Most foxes live 2–3 years but can survive for up to 10 years, or longer in captivity.
  • With most species roughly the size of a domestic cat, foxes are smaller than other members of the family Canidae, such as wolves, jackals, and domestic dogs.
  • Unlike many canids, foxes are usually not pack animals.
  • Typically, they are solitary, opportunistic feeders that hunt live prey (especially rodents).
  • Using a pouncing technique practiced from an early age, they are usually able to kill their prey quickly.
  • Foxes also gather a wide variety of other foods ranging from grasshoppers to fruit and berries.
After learning that foxes find rodents especially tasty, Jake announced that he is very much in favor of them. This is of course because of the numerous rodent problems we have had.

So, what interesting wildlife have you seen in your back yard?


*_*Dictator A-nOn-y-MoUs said...

Foxes...nice. I think the world really doesn't understand the beauty of a fox. What other animal can be that sly and clever and still have a bushy tail? The only downfall is that they eat chickens...and, apparently, the cats in your neighborhood. Ya know, when I get wrapped up in my world of evil, ruthless professors, it's nice to read your blog and procrastinate from whatever paper I'm supposed to be writing. It's nice to know there's family out there that's crazier than mine! ;)
*_*Dictator A-nOn-y-MoUs

commodore.scribbles said...

Foxes. Are. Cool. The cats are just jealous. Band geeks rule the world, and foxes are their favored accomplices. And no, they have nothing to do with a supposed "revolution." Neither do the mice, for the matter. I'm supspicious about the squirrels, though...