Friday, May 26, 2006

Visitors to Pohick

I enjoy writing entries for Pohick. Even though no one else in the royal family really understands or appreciates my passion for blogging, I think I can sum it like this. Most of my time is spent attending to the responsibilities of the kingdom. These responsibilities include allocating gold from the treasury, attending social engagements, and proclaiming and decreeing this and that. As important and necessary as all of these kingly functions are, they don't require much creativity. Pohick on the other hand is my creative outlet.

In addition to just writing entries, Pohick also engages my curiosity. The Kingdom of Pohick is a little off of the beaten path known as the information super highway and yet thousands of people from around the world have somehow found their way here. As I read through the visit logs for this blog, I ask my self the following three questions: Where are all of these people coming from, how did they get here and why don't they have anything else to do with their lives? I'm certain that I can't answer the last question, but here is my best shot at the other two.

How did they get here?
I am always amused when I look through my visit logs to see how folks find their way to the Kingdom of Pohick. Of course we have our regular visitors who just come of their own volition. To them we say, "Welcome back friend!" We also have some folks who show up via blog exchanges. To them we say, "You are the best friend money can buy." And then we have my personal favorites. These are the folks who find their way to Pohick while looking for something entirely different. These folks usually type a few words into google or some other search engine and the next thing they know, they are wandering the hallowed halls of Pohick. To these folks we can't help but say, "Why were you looking for that?" I am fascinated by some of the search strings that point people to pohick. I'm going to start listing them here:

Let me put a bug in your ear. - I've now had over 200 people show up at Pohick while looking for "Let me put a bug in your ear." Why are so many folks looking to put bugs in people's ears?

Where did they come from?
Everywhere. The planet earth is a mighty big place, but obviously it is not so big that folks can't find their way to the Kingdom of Pohick. I think that every country has sent at least one designated representative as an ambassador to Pohick. Despite any assertions to the contrary, King Jake is not an uneducated man what with all that Kingly training and all. In fact he has even traveled the world a fair piece whilst visiting with the other Kingdoms of the world. But as he scanned through the visit log, he came across a visitor from a country he just could not remember. Seychelles. King Jake raked his brain? No offense intended to the people of Seychelles but Jake had no idea where this country was. Jake then called in the royal geography instructor who explained to Jake that Seychelles is a an archipelago in the Indian Ocean of 41 islands, of which 33 are inhabited. The total population of Seychelles is only 81,000 people. Wow! Only 81,000 people and yet they were thoughtful enough to send a representative to Pohick. From the Kingdom of Pohick, we say, "Thank You!"

In any event, we appreciate all of our visitors to Pohick regardless of where you came from or how you got here. You are of course welcome back any time you are in the neighborhood!


Empress Baggie said...

Where do you suppose these people with bugs in their ears are?

Anonymous said...

R U falling asleep at the wheel? u haven't updated in weeks!