Thursday, May 18, 2006


Princess StarrySpark is not happy at the moment, but King Jake is. StarrySpark has a class science project due this semester. The project is focused on "Environmental Responsibility." The requirements for this project include all manner of recycling, composting, yard cleanup, flower planting and even picking up doggie waste. The best part of this assignment is that a parental signature is required to confirm the completion of each task. As much as StarrySpark despises yard work, she just won't allow her standing in the National Junior Honor Society to suffer. Of course Jake doesn't like yard work very much either, so he has been taking full advantage of this opportunity to extract every last ounce of work that he can out of StarrySpark. King Jake commends the Pohick Royal Academy for this fine educational opportunity.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like you are getting around the child labor laws through academic requirements. That is as bad as having the kids learn Karate and then you make them spar in lieu of punishment so it’s not child abuse. Well maybe not that extreme. I guess it’s a learning experience. Got to keep them grades up, keep up the good work StarrySpark, I mean the academic experiments. Hope you generate some desirable results. Hey Jake! I got to use this one too. Can’t wait for the next parent teachers meeting.