Saturday, March 15, 2008

Space Humor

Molly needs a few space related jokes for her new job at the US space and rocket center. Here are a few that Jake came up with. If you have any good ones that are suitable for a young audience, please post them.
  • Two astronauts went to a restaurant on the moon, but they left after a few minutes. You see, the food was OK, but it had no atmosphere !
  • What do you call a spaceship with a faulty air-conditioning unit? A frying saucer
  • What holds the moon up ?Moon beams !
  • Why don't aliens celebrate Christmas?
    Because they don't like to give away their presence.
  • How do we know that Saturn was married more than once? Because it has a lot of rings.
  • What do moon people do when they get married? They go off on their honeyearth!
  • What did the astronaut cook for lunch? An unidentified frying object!
  • If athletes suffer from athlete's foot, what do astronauts suffer from? Missile-toe!
OK, so some of those were pretty bad. If you can do better please let us know.

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