Monday, April 24, 2006

A Little Chocolate Anyone?

Jake, Molly, StarrySpark and Yellow Hair were driving across country visiting Molly's parents. While listening to the radio, they heard this announcement: "Visit the new and improved ride at Hershey's Chocolate World." As fate would have it, Chocolate World was right along their route of travel. As fate would also have it, Jake had not eaten for at least an hour and he began to beg Molly to let them stop. Finally Molly had enough of Jake's carrying on and agreed that they could make a short stop.

The primary attraction at Chocolate World is the Chocolate Tour. This ride is portrayed as an "Educational" experience that explains the entire chocolate production process from cocoa bean picking to chocolate bar wrapping. In reality the ride is a cleverly disguised marketing ploy. The ride blows chocolate smells on you during the ride all the while subliminally chanting "Hershey's Chocolate....Hershey's Chocolate." At the end of the ride Jake and Family were deposited in the middle of a vast chocolate warehouse. Remember the end of Indiana Jones where the Ark is stashed in the government warehouse? Just replace all of those crates with chocolate bars and you will have a pretty good mental image of the chocolate shop at Chocolate World.

Jake as expected had a bit of a melt down and began running through the chocolate warehouse all the while trying to grab at least one of each candy item. Let's just say that the resulting episode was not pretty even by Jake's standards. After the security guards managed to subdue Jake, Molly allowed Jake to purchase a small selection of the chocolate delights.

Other attractions at Chocolate World include the Factory Works Experience, The really big 3D show, and the Hershey Trolley Works. There are also a number of shops and eating options. The Pohick family gives Chocolate World 4 thumbs up.


Anonymous said...

Now tell me this! How is this any different from the Leprechaun King and Enrich the Terrible I? You can’t tell me that chocolate and sweets are not evil, more than random acts of evil, its premeditated constant evil. Notice the look in Jake’s eyes. He’s not happy he hypnotized, possessed, and as if the kids need more sugar in the diet. They will be bouncing off the walls for a week, where’s the benadryl? You don’t see StarrySpark and Grocery Girl kicking the foil out of the Hershey Kiss guy do you? No they pick on height challenged little people, probably have contests to see who can throw them the farthest. What’s this world coming too? Looks like I have more questions than answers today. I got one. Hey Jake, it looks like those boxes of chocolates are very heavy. Its good exercise to shop and tote around all that bounty, Hugh! Right now you are guilty of rationalizing and you know the saying, “if your rationalizing your _____!”. I’ve been to Hershey Park several times, I know what you are going through, you are like just about everyone else with exception of those who have chocolate allergies, that go through that place, a victim of deliberate acts of Evil. Boy, I could really go for a Kiss or a nice big Reese’s Peanut butter cup. Thanks Jake, got to go! Chocolate, Chocolate, Chocolate…Um! Um! Um! Anyone got Milk?

Dirty Butter said...

Hummmmmmm I'm a full blown chocoholic, so it's just as well I'm only reading about your trip, not going there myself. Talk about streets of gold or 7 virgins? no way, this is what heaven would be like .... just kidding.