Sunday, April 23, 2006

Mouse War - Fun with the King

So, today was apparently "Have fun at the expense of the King" day at the pohick castle. King Jake was minding his own business and doing some work in his upstairs den. Out of nowhere, Jake heard Queen Molly let out a blood curdling, "I saw a mouse" scream. "Rut Row", Jake muttered to himself. Here we go again. Jake wasting no time, headed downstairs ready to do battle with this latest beady eyed interloper. As Jake was enroute to the scene of the commotion he heard Queen Molly Shout, "Bring the mouse Jar! I've got the mouse trapped". Wow, Jake said to himself! What a stroke of luck. Maybe this time, I won't have to chase the mouse all over the house and almost burn the joint down in the process. Jake quickly grabbed the mouse jar and arrived at the standoff. Molly was sitting on top of a cardboard box. Again, Jake said "Wow"! How'd you manage to put that cardboard box on top of the mouse? A periodic thumping could be heard coming from underneath the box. Jake in his most knowledgeable manner explained that the mouse was jumping up and down trying to escape. "I have experience with these critters. I know every move their going to make." Queen Molly then said, "I'll lift up the box and you grab him." "Wait Jake screamed! He'll just take off running. Get a knife and we'll open up the top of the box." Molly grabbed a knife and carefully cut open the top of the box. Jake readied the mouse jar just as the box burst open revealing the biggest mouse that Jake had ever seen. Sometimes it takes a moment or two for the brain to register all of the conflicting signals it is receiving. For a heart beat or two, Jake's "Fight or Flight" systems kicked into high gear. We are talking about a serious adrenaline rush. Wait, that's no mouse. That's Princess Yellow Hair dressed up like a mouse. Hmmmmmm..... Oh Well, Jake is a big boy and doesn't mind a little harmless fun. It does seem somewhat cruel and unusual to take advantage of his vulnerable state of mind given his unfortunate ordeal with the mouse the other day. I guess this means that Jake can finally get out of the dog house.

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Anonymous said...

Ha! Ha! It’s only funny until someone loses an eye. Keep up the practical jokes, next thing you know Jake is going to be suffering from Mouse Shock, or develop Musophobia or Muriphobia- Fear of mice. Could you see him at Disney? He would be jumping from his own shadow. I don’t think they make a live mouse trap that big and besides where are you going to let him go? And then there would be the stunt mice and the Mickey and Minnie doubles and triples. They are all over the park, the king would be known as Jumping Jake Flash! Hey Jake, what’s that big furry thing that just ran under your computer desk? Ha! Made you look, thanks for some chips. Hope this war does not leave you a nonbattle casualty, like PTMD (Post Traumatic Mouse Disorder).