Sunday, April 02, 2006

Mouse War - Mr. Mouse Banished

Pohick National News (PNN) April 2, 2006 - Political turmoil reigned today in the Kingdom of Pohick. Despite a last minute appeal to the Pohick Supreme Court and a Writ of Certiorari issued by the court, King Jake ordered the banishment of Mr. Mouse from the kingdom. Rumor has it that Queen Molly put her foot down and demanded that the King carry out with the sentence. King Jake being more afraid of the Queen than the Pohick Supreme Court ordered the sentence carried out. The bailiff, Princess Yellow Hair followed the King's instructions. She transported Mr. Mouse to the edge of the Pohick National Forest and released him with this warning.

Princess Yellow Hair: I'm sorry Mr. Mouse, but you are forever banished from the Kingdom of Pohick. We wish you well though and hope that you will meet up with a nice mouse lady and raise a family some place far away from the Kingdom of Pohick. So Mr. Mouse, now that you've been banished, where are you going to go?

Mr. Mouse: I'm going to Disney World. I hear that they need a stunt double for Mickey. I can take a punch you know. And that Minnie... She's a looker.

With that, Mr. Mouse turned tail (literally) and headed down the trail in the direction of Disney World. Perhaps we will see Mr. Mouse again some day. We wish him the best of luck.


Clublint said...

It is obvious that the Kingdom of Pohick is a more progressive kingdom than most as Mr Mouse would have received the death sentence anywhere else.

Has the Kingdom of Pohick always been against capital punishment or is this a new practise?

One can only hope that other kingdoms soon fall into line and opt for banishment rather than execution.

Jake Pohick said...

Thanks clublint! The Kingdom of Pohick is generally against the death penalty, however there are exceptions to every rule. Occasionally a really icky bug or spider will refuse banishment and a death sentence is the only option. By and large though we believe that bad karma is invited by snuffing out the life of living creatures.


Anonymous said...

Now I see how it is in the Kingdom of Pohick, who really wears the Royal Trousers. It’s not like that in the land far, far, away, I wear the pants and good thing my wife doesn’t read this blog. The land far away where Yellow Hair wants the mouse to go and find a nice lady mouse is about half way between us. I like the mouse’s idea of going to Disney though. Minnie is a looker too; you just got to watch out for the three little pigs, they play dirty. Isn’t that right King Jake? I bet that mouse was pretty smart; his head was half the size of his body. Maybe you’ll get a letter on down the road from your little outcaste and with notes of his life in banishment.