Sunday, April 09, 2006

Royal Expedition

From time to time, King Jake finds it expedient to go out among the citizens of the Kingdom of Pohick for a little meet and greet. This provides Jake the opportunity to leave the day to day hassles of life in the castle and survey the true state of the kingdom without the sugar coating that the ministers often add. These expeditions also afford the citizens of Pohick a rare opportunity to see their royalty up close and personal. Of course even though the vast majority of King Jake's citizens are very content and exceptionally happy with the way the Kingdom is run, there are always a few rotten apples in every bunch. Therefore, it is prudent that as Jake sets off on his journey, that he and the rest of the royal expedition don a little protection.

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Anonymous said...

Nice Information Operations attempt but I see through to your real intentions. Your visit to the armory was actually to be fitted for your new set of armor to protect you when the Pohick Mice Rebel. You better go to the engineers and procure more Mice traps. A mote filled with sticky tape traps my be effective unless they build a Mouse bridge and walk over each others backs to breach. This will canalize them and you can put your vats of boiling oil at the release point and dump it on them as they attempt to get through. I’m having a feeling that this may be the making of a sequel to lords of the rings. “Disposition of the big Cheese” could be a consideration for the title. Glad to see you and family enjoying the day.