Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Royal Inspection

During King Jake's fact finding tours, he likes to see how his citizens are living. As you can see, they apear to be living quite well. Here we see a typical dwelling in the Kingdom. As you can obviously see, it has ample space and all of the modern conveniences. The decorating style is called "modern animal pelt" which is quite the rage in the Kingdom. Well it is quite the rage with the people actually. The animals in the kingdom are a little less enthusiastic.


Anonymous said...

Wow! those are some big mice pelts, I bet they eat more than a few bread crums. The propably eat like teenagers.

Anonymous said...

What are you implying, Anonymous? Are you insinuating that teenagers eat a lot? I assure you; not all of us do!
I was shocked and rather appalled to see that, King Jake's subjects had taken to killing animals just for the sake of it. Come on, people! This is how animals go extinct! As the leader of the Mouse Union, I find it necessary to beg, King Jake's subjects to leave the animals alone! I happen to have a certain liking for foxes, and it made me very sick to see their pelts hanging on a wall (as you saw in the picture). Hunt if you must, citizens, but if possible, leave nature alone! You can call me a tree hugger if you want to. But you'd be more correct in calling me an animal hugger.
-Princess StarrySpark