Tuesday, February 14, 2006

The Elusive North American StarrySpark

Here we see a photograph of the elusive princess StarrySpark who rarely comes out of her den. We occassionally see her but this usually occurs only at feeding time. More often than not, she is sequestered in her den where she spends most of her waking hours contemplating the meaning of life and pondering the mysteries of the great unknown. Actually, when she is not doing homework (99% of the time), she is practicing her chosen art of writing. She intends to be a great writer some day because she can't bear the thought of having a nine to five job like the rest of us mere mortals. If you would like to preview one of her stories, you can check out "Phantom Angel" a unauthorized sequel to the "Phantom of the Opera".


Anonymous said...

Nice blog...Looks good! Keep it going!

Anonymous said...

I'm a reader between the line type of character, if my little Princess' room looked like that she too would be grounded to the dungeon or the tower. I like embellished stories. It follows the oppressive attitude of the Pohick Mouse article. Can you see the parallelism too?