Tuesday, February 28, 2006

StarrySpark and Grocery Girl - Episode 7

Meanwhile back at the operation center of the crimefighting sisters the girls have been responding to false alarm after false alarm.

StarrySpark: I don't understand it Grocery Girl. Every time the alertometer goes off, we rush off to some cry for help only to discover that no one is in need of our assistance.

Grocery Girl: I don't understand it either StarrySpark and I've had this crazy feeling all day that someone is watching me.

Starry Spark: I've had that same feeling. I'm getting so tired of running out the door every time the alertometer goes off that I almost forgot my super disguise the last time. You know how forgetful I am.

Grocery Girl: Yes, we are both getting tired. I almost forgot my shopping bag. Without it, I won't be able to use my superpower.

StarrySpark: I'm hungry as well. Is there any chance you can pull a cheeseburger out of your shopping bag?

Grocery Girl: Nope, I've tried. I'm so tired that I can't seem to pull anything out of my shopping bag except Health Food.

StarrySpark: Yuck. Let's hope that these false alarms end soon or we will be too tired and weak to fight crime and keep the world safe from the forces of evil. I guess we should order out for pizza.

The crime fighting duo goes back to monitoring the alertometer, keeping ever vigilant for signs that one of their arch enemies may to plotting some act of evil. Can the location of their secret operation center really be that secret if they give out the address to the pizza delivery guy? Tune in tomorrow for the next exciting episode of StarrySpark and Grocery Girl. Episode 8 - The Leprechaun King's Plan for Wold Domination.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Leper King, why don’t you get one of your clowns dog gone it I did it again, Clones to infiltrate Grocery Girls Shopping bag and do the old switcherooo move on her. When she makes something appear in the bag switch it up before she gets her hand in the bag. When she starts pulling stuff out like spelling lists and definition lists it will truly confuse her and make her question her powers. She will be left off guard and vulnerable. It’s the old deception plan, a little like the Trojan Horse scheme but smaller, no pun intended. You have them where you want them, guessing and off balance. Remember the story of Chicken Little and the sky is falling? Do you remember what the farmer said when Little told him the sky is falling? Nice try but, NO! He said “Holy heck a talking chicken” They are going to respond to an alert from the Alertometer and be complacent believing it’s another false alarm, that’s when you spring the trap on them. When Grocery Girl reaches into her shopping bag for a Leprechaun stun gun have your Mini-me put a worm or snake into her hand. She will scream and drop her bag. One down, now for Starry Sparks. Have a couple of your little people quietly untie her super tennis shoe strings and quietly tie them together when they respond to the alert from the Alertometer for the maniacal trap use the distraction of Grocery Girl screaming with a hand full of worms or a snake. Starry Spark is already disoriented by the clean room trick and the false alarms really have her confused. Once she hears the scream she will not be able to flame on her laser beam eye thing. When she tries to run away to try to confuse you she will fall because the little men tied her shoes together. That’s when you spray them both with the sticky foam to keep them from getting their arm into the air and flying away. I haven’t referenced the super hero rules and regulations but I’m almost positive that they need at least one arm raised over their head in order to fly. You may have to assume some risk on this one. Then you have them right where you want them. Please send inquires to these instructions to Raug Habeb Paskin in India. The service order number is 1-800-Out-Srce. Have a nice day