Saturday, February 25, 2006

StarrySpark and Grocery Girl - Episode 4

Somewhere in desert of the America West the dynamic crimefighting sisters StarrySpark and Grocery Girl take a break after a hard day of fighting crime.
StarrySpark: I sure could use a snack right about now.
Grocery Girl: Hmmmm...That's an easy problem to solve. Grocery Girl reaches into her shopping bag invoking her superpower to summon a quick snack for the crime fighting team.
Grocery Girl: These Marshmallows sure would taste better if they were toasted.
StarrySpark: I've got you covered sister. StarrySpark activates her laser beam vision and toasts the Marshmallow.
Grocery Girl: Thanks sister. You're the best sidekick a girl could ever ask for.
StarrySpark: For the last time Grocery Girl, "You are the sidekick". I'm not even sure that fetching groceries is a real superpower.
Grocery Girl: Thanks....I'll remember that the next time you get hungry.
StarrySpark: Yeah, Yeah....How about some root beer to wash down these marshmallows?

Will the girls figure out that smores taste better than plain marshmallows? Will the girls still be able to fly after snacking? Tune in tomorrow for the next exciting episode of StarrySpark and Grocery Girl. Episode 5 - The Leprechaun King's entry in who's who in the world's supervillians.

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Anonymous said...

This desert is Wylie Coyote’s back yard. If you look real hard you can see him falling into the canyon and Road Runner at the top looking over the edge sticking his tongue out. I hope he has ACME spring shoes to cousin his fall. I bet if King Jake was there he would probably try to Sell Wylie a Victor Live Catch Road Runner Trap. StarrySpark don’t let King Jake use your laser beam vision to burn ants, he’s been known on occasion to do it with a magnified glass. Good teamwork girls, now I could really go for a smore.